[time-nuts] The clocks at Windsor Castle, UK

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THAT was the time is the best comment

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>And when those clocks were made there was no thought that in few
>centuries time a system that decrees that the time be put forward and
>back would be invented. They ran continuously and THAT was the time!
>On 06/17/2017 01:05 PM, William H. Fite wrote:
>> The clocks at Windsor range from C14 wooden-geared pieces to French
>> masterpieces of haute horlogerie with multiple complications including
>> perpetual calendars, sidereal time, equation of time, true local solar
>> time, date of Easter, various star charts and astronomical data, orreries,
>> animated figures and other automata. The more exotic and delicate of these
>> are not run continually but are started up periodically to test their
>> operation and when the Royals wish to demonstrate them to guests.

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