[time-nuts] GPS splitter

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 17 13:21:50 EDT 2017

GPS receiver  antenna alarms tend to be "informational" only.   They monitor the current that the antenna is drawing.   Better ones report open, short, or OK.  Others provide just an OK / fault.   A few have no antenna monitoring at all.   The RFTG-m reports the voltages at each end of a 100 ohm sreies resistor feeding the antenna and you can calculate the exact current that the antenna is drawing and also see what voltage it is feeding the antenna...  nice...

None of the thirty or so receiver types that Lady Heather supports allows you to turn off the antenna alarm.   Also, none of them stop working if they see an antenna alarm...  as long as they are getting a usable signal.   


> Sometimes a GPS receiver will raise an "Antenna Alarm" if it does not see a
DC load but you can turn those off with a serial command

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