[time-nuts] Halcyon OFS

Alan Melia alan.melia at btinternet.com
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Hi Clint I have had one of these from new. It divides the amplified 
incomming carrier by either 99 or 81 (4526) and phase compares with 2kHz 
from the divided down 10MHz discrete VCXO to phase lock the 10MHz. My unit 
serial number 1151 has no other crystals in it. It possible they are filters 
for the BC carrier frequencies.

Halcyon ceased trading about 10 years ago, I think the PFS that Stephen has 
includes a sythersiser locked to the 10MHz. I never received a manual as 
such merely an A4 sheet printed on one side. I have never even found a 
circuit diagram, despite contacts who knew people that worked there.


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>I have been given a Halcyon Electronics OFS1 standard which seems to work,
> it's a version that has 198KHz and 162KHz selector on the fron and after a
> reasonable period of time it displays 'lock' and gives a nicely stable 
> 1,10
> and 10 MHz output on the front panel BNCs, (I know, it should be 1,5 and
> 10MHz out, read on)
> Does anyone know of a PDF manual? This version has two KHz crystals inside
> it and I'd like to see how/if it's been modified so a manual with a
> schematic would be even more useful.
> -- 
> Clint.
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