[time-nuts] Powering up a long inactive 5061A

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Mon Jun 19 21:47:32 EDT 2017


My humble thanks to all who provided feedback on the best approach to 
take with the '5061A.

I do rather take the point about slow transitioning power not being 
ideal - I think I'm mentally digging that up from a bygone era! :)

One suggestion was to at least consider using a current limited mains 
source (even a 50 or 100W bulb in series) just to catch catastrophic 
events at power on and/or electrolytics reforming.  Food for thought there.

A common theme - reading the manual, is one I will certainly do - I was 
able to locate one in among the piles of stuff and have brought it home 
to study.

I will hopefully have the unit to hand in a couple of weeks, will report 
back once I've got a little further.

Thank you all again,


On 15/6/17 16:02, Hugh Blemings wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been assisting with the cataloguing and, where possible, testing of 
> a bunch of test equipment from a deceased estate.
> One of the items is a 5061A which best I can tell has not been powered 
> on for over a decade.  The High Performance tube has a warranty 
> expiration date of 1988.  Serial number is 1936A01567 and has Option 01 
> and 04 and has the digital rather than analogue clock.  Minor but it's 
> missing the bottom cover.
> My intuition is to set it to one side until I can become familiar with 
> the operating manual and potentially bring power up to it slowly with a 
> Variac or similar.
> I'd be curious as to the time-nuts view on whether this degree of 
> caution warranted ?
> I suspect the Cs tube is long dead, but maybe I'll be pleasantly 
> surprised ?
> Would welcome feedback on sensible/cautious first steps with the unit - 
> initial need, if possible, is a "simple" go/no go/does it power on ?
> Cheers/73
> Hugh
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