[time-nuts] Charles Wenzel GPSDO

Don Lewis dlewis6767 at austin.rr.com
Thu Jun 22 00:29:25 EDT 2017

I couldn't agree more!

I have converted loads of equipment to the so-called 'standard' Power Pole.

What a disappointment.  IMO, they are poorly designed and ineffective. 
Sure, they offer commonality, but at what cost?

The DO come apart easily, and if the radio (equipment) happens to be on, 
voltage spikes (pulses) can be induced, causing intermittent operation 
(resetting memories) or death to the unit.

Like Lemmings over a cliff...  they are used.

I really do not like these connectors.



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Although I've reluctantly bought into the amateur radio "standardization" 
of Power Poles and have a distribution panel with a plethora of them, I
basically dislike them.  The ones on my Elecraft K3 and K3S pull out 
when I move the radios and installing them is a PITA.

I never had such problems with radios with Molex connectors.

Wes Stewart

On 6/21/2017 2:36 PM, Brooke Clarke wrote:
> Hi Chuck:
> I'd replace the push on DC power connector with a high force Power Pole. 
> I can't count how many times one of these push on connectors has worked 
> itself loose.
> http://www.prc68.com/I/PowerPole.shtml

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