[time-nuts] Power Pole connectors, was =>Re: Charles Wenzel GPSDO

Graham planophore at aei.ca
Thu Jun 22 08:36:44 EDT 2017

I first ran into Power Pole connectors over 20 years ago. They were 
marketed by someone (I forget who) to the fledgling radio control 
electric plane/car/boat communities. The advertisements had some wording 
to the effect of "triple silver plated" and other techno babel. They 
worked well in this application, good power handling, low contact 
resistance, quick plug and play, polarized (etc). They sold under the 
brand name of Sermos but were really just Anderson Power Pole connectors.

Amateur radio operators discovered them sometime later and for much the 
same reasons they too started to adapt and use them. It is the same kind 
of discussion as VHS vs Betamax, popular choice is not always driven by 
real merit.

There is some history on the Anderson web page:


It seems to me that the Power Pole connectors were never really intended 
for use in way that the RC crowd and radio amateurs tend to use them. 
They work, there are better choices, and there are far worse choices.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc

On 2017-06-22 04:29, Don Lewis wrote:
> I couldn't agree more!
> I have converted loads of equipment to the so-called 'standard' Power 
> Pole.
> What a disappointment.  IMO, they are poorly designed and ineffective. 
> Sure, they offer commonality, but at what cost?
> The DO come apart easily, and if the radio (equipment) happens to be 
> on, voltage spikes (pulses) can be induced, causing intermittent 
> operation (resetting memories) or death to the unit.
> Like Lemmings over a cliff...  they are used.
> I really do not like these connectors.
> Don

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