[time-nuts] Anderson PowerPole (was Charles Wenzel GPSDO)

Chris Albertson albertson.chris at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 12:48:59 EDT 2017

One of the problems of power poles is they are expensive.  Not a
problem if you only need a few of them.   I've been buying DC
connectors by the bag full as I've working on some battery powered
mobile robots  I robot does not need many but for every finish one
you've build maybe four breadboard systems and then you have the
battery charging systems and the cables that connect battery chargers
to power supplies. (LiPo battery charging is complex when you get into
18 volt 10 amp hour sizes.

Power poles are also rather bulky.  OK if the equipment is stationary
but not good for something that flies or drives around where weight
and volume matter a lot.

I've standardized on XT60 type connectors  These very compact and
rated for 60 amps continuous.  Much easier to assemble and they cost
about 80 cents per mating pair.    They are common in the electric
power drone industry as battery connectors
the XT60 is easy to use because they don't come apart.  the metal pins
are permanently molded into the shell, you simply solder the wires on.
The shell is high temperate plastic and withstands even unskilled

I did something stupid last might and assembled power distribution not
as designed with a mosfet switch and diode in backwards then connected
a high power density battery.  I had an open flame along an entire run
of #18 cable but finally the coper conductor failed (the metal
vaporized) and the circuit opened and the flame stopped.   I have some
chared remains of wires and crunchy black melted plastic.  But the
XT60 connectors are still good.  The metal parts inside are still
shiny gold plated and the nylon shells are good as new, after cleaning
the soot off.

I was actually holding the connecter in my hand when the thing went
off like a bomb, but just minor burns.  Still amazed the connecter is
fine after unsoldering the little stubs of burned wire from the pins.

On Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 12:19 AM, Tom Van Baak <tvb at leapsecond.com> wrote:
> Wes, Don,
> I am quite surprised at the negative reaction to Anderson Power Pole connectors. I have found them the best DC connector out there. I have used them for a decade or two for all my DC feeds and have never had a problem: in my home lab, my car, even for my laptop charger. They are inexpensive, reliable, genderless (hermaphroditic) and easy to crimp. I use them for my 5V, 12V, 24V, and 48V supplies as well as my DC backup systems.
> What on earth are you doing with them that causes them to disconnect? I mean, they are not meant for towing or lifting or rappelling. For critical applications there is a plastic gizmo that keeps them mated; or just use a square or figure 8 knot on the cables.
> /tvb
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