[time-nuts] Anderson PowerPole (was Charles Wenzel GPSDO)

Chris Albertson albertson.chris at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 13:16:45 EDT 2017

You are correct about 9V batteries.  A 10A short is about 90 Watts.   But
have you seen the specs on a LiPo Battery?

I have a 18 volt nominal 8,000 mAH LiPo battery that is rated "40C".  This
battery is safe and within design limits to discharge at 40 x 8,000 mA.
Yes, taking 320 amps out of the battery is acceptable, the battery is
designed for that.

The battery can continuously supply 5.7 Kilowatts over 2 times more power
then can a standard AC mains wall outlet.  Of course at that rate it runs
out of power in roughly one minute.  But you can do a LOT in one minute.

When you short the leads you get a LOT more than 320 amps

A battery like that costs only about $50 today so they are available to
almost anyone who wants one.

> (1) A common 9V (NEDA1604 style) battery should never be left where it
> might contact a metal short, and should never be left in a pocket. I
> knew better, but temporarily slipped an alkaline 9V battery into a
> trouser pocket, where it was shorted by my keys and became extremely hot
> very rapidly. The peak current might reach 10 A (depending on the
> battery chemistry and how it's shorted), so the battery heats up very
> rapidly!


Chris Albertson
Redondo Beach, California

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