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Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Sat Jun 24 00:01:21 EDT 2017

Someone previously mentioned "aviation" style connectors (which many 
will recognize as mobile microphone connectors) (see graphic below).  I 
switched to these for power and other connections long ago, and have 
been extremely happy with them.

One nice thing about them (IMO) is that all chassis connectors are male, 
and all cable connectors are female (unless you use a male in-line 
connector to make an extension cable).  This means that a dangling cable 
will never have rudely exposed contacts, and if you are really worried 
you can use vinyl caps to make sure.  Similarly, the pins on the male 
chassis connectors are well recessed so it isn't easy to short them, but 
if you want to be sure you can get screw-on caps (see below).

The contacts have substantial tension when mating/mated, plus secure 
threaded locking rings.  They will definitely not work loose.  They will 
handle at least 5A per pin, and I've seen published ratings of 10A. 
They have good strain reliefs, too.

They are available in a wide range of pin counts, so it is easy to make 
sure cables are not cross-compatible.

One really nice feature is the availability of right-angle in-line 
connectors, to minimize the space needed behind equipment (this can be 
problematic with some other connector series).  Use many connectors and 
you will find that this can be an extremely valuable feature.

On ebay, they are known as "aviation connectors," and are available in 
three sizes (12mm, 16mm, and 20mm, according to the diameter of the 
bodies, which is also the hole size for the chassis-mount connectors). 
Search for GX12, GX16, and GX20.  I have standardized on the 16mm 
version, but have tried and can recommend them all.  Shop a little and 
you will find them at very attractive prices.

I've bought lots of them, from US and foreign suppliers, and as far as I 
can tell they all come out of the same factory in China.  All good quality.

Best regards,


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