[time-nuts] Power Connectors and D-Subs...

Ulf Kylenfall ulf_r_k at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 25 15:25:40 EDT 2017

Why not take a look at mixed D-Sub connectors?There are versions with Coax, and also (fits same shell holes) high current pins and sleevesthat share the house with standard pins and sleeves.
The rest of this infra structure like shells and locking mechanismsare readily available. Another BIG advantage is that there are a large numberof versions available for direct PCB soldering. Straight and right angle.
Hermetic/moisture proof and also filtered versions as well.
But: due to the slide on/in nature of these connectors, at my work, we never use themfor precision timing. The requirement for Geodetic VLBI calls for pico second resolutionand stability.
We use N, TNC or SMA.
BNC or any other non-threaded/bayonnet connector is strictly prohibited.
Ulf - SM6GXV

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