[time-nuts] New project: Raspberry Pi Zero W NTP clock

Nick Sayer nsayer at kfu.com
Sat Mar 4 12:39:38 EST 2017

I’ve made a variation on my GPS clock that uses the new Pi Zero W (in truth, it could use an ordinary Pi Zero with some other network connectivity. The W’s built-in WiFi just simplifies things a bit) to drive the same LED display. The local time would ostensibly be synced by NTP in the usual manner (or whatever manner you like) and a daemon simply writes the time to the display. When I film the prototype in 240 fps slow motion, I see the tenth-of-a-second digit change within a frame of a GPS clock, so it’s at least an order of magnitude more accurate than its granularity, which is certainly good enough for a timepiece for humans.

I did it because sometimes it’s easier to get WiFi than GPS, and the Pi solution was a lot easier than microcontroller alternatives, while still being around the same cost and with sufficient accuracy.


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