[time-nuts] Cs standard stability

Bob Stewart bob at evoria.net
Sat Mar 4 18:31:29 EST 2017

Are we getting a bit off track?  The question I asked is in regards to the Cs, not the purity of the output of the GPSDO.  The two ADEVs were done under the same conditions, yet the ADEV of the Cs is obviously not as good as that of the GPSDO.  Also, the ADEV of the GPSDO pretty much tracks what is to be expected when run on a good 5370, isn't it?


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BobThe Phase noise of that GPDSO seems quite high and some form of filtering (bandpass or low pass) of its output may be necessary to reduce the resultant jitter when connected to the 5370A input.There are commercial TDCs that claim that sort of performance (~10ps) but a comprehensive test of their actual performance appears as yet unavailable.HP used to sell a TDC with 5ps resolution but detailed specs are unavailable.Higher resolution and lower noise should be achievable but would require a lot of number crunching for each measurement. Bruce


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