[time-nuts] RFDO - Experience and questions

Iain Young iain at g7iii.net
Mon Mar 6 02:40:30 EST 2017

Hi Gilles,

You Wrote:

> Indeed, the station is located in central France with a very powerful transmitter (up to 2MW).
> It covers all Europe and it was a real pain for me when they stopped broadcasting the France Inter Station.

I understand the French government have a consultation out about what
to use the AM carrier for, so maybe another commercial AM station will
pick it up.

> The longwave signal can be received anywhere, even in the basements (ground effect propagation).
> No need for an external full sky antenna etc…
> Hopefully they are still operating and sending the time code.

They are. I've written an SDR decoder for it, and with it being Phase
Modulated, it doesn't suffer from the varying signal strengths of both 
MSF and DCF.

> And actually the signal is much clearer today in 2017 than when it was also amplitude modulated.
> Good news, but how long will it last ... ?

Agreed, it's a nice clean carrier now :) I think it will last a good
time, Certainly with some of the things that use it in France, I
suspect it will be there for some time to come

Best Regards


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