[time-nuts] TDF (Was Re: RFDO - Experience and questions)

Pieter-Tjerk de Boer p.t.deboer at utwente.nl
Tue Mar 7 15:27:38 EST 2017

On Tue, Mar 07, 2017 at 10:04:45AM +0000, Iain Young wrote:

> On 07/03/17 03:35, paul swed wrote:
> >Actually as I think about it from the earlier part of the thread. Locking
> >to the carrier with a 2-4 second time constant removes the phase modulation
> >since its only in the first 200 ms. The 0 Phase is 800 ms in length or more
> >for all bits.

As I pointed out before, those 800 ms are not constant 0 phase; during
700 ms more phase modulation data is sent. Only the last 100 ms of each
second are "clean" (and the entire last second of each minute).

> You might want to hold off on those coils. I got up this morning to
> find TDF off air. Hopefully it is just the Tuesday maintenance that is
> over-running, or just extended maintenance

The maintenance window has been moved from the night hours to Tuesday
morning, presumably to save costs now that there's no AM radio program being
transmitted anymore.
Also, tests with reduced power (1100 instead of 1500 kW) will start next week;
see http://www.anfr.fr/gestion-des-frequences-sites/signal-horaire/les-tests-du-signal-horaire/
(in French).

  Pieter-Tjerk (PA3FWM)

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