[time-nuts] Strange problem with LH 5.0

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 12 17:55:49 EDT 2017

If you can build the code (probably just Linux users),  I can send you the latest source code to try.  Probably a couple of months before the public release.

I am currently adding support for the TAPR TICC (or other time interval counters) and also the HP5071A cesium beam oscillator.  The TICC/counter can be used as either the main input device instead of a GPS unit or as an auxiliary input device for calculating true adevs from a receiver instead of the "bogo-adevs" derived from the GPSDO's self referenced loop parameters.   

Speaking of bogo-adevs...  I fixed up the adev code and the Tbolt bogo-adevs now agree remarkably well to the TICC derived values.  The OSC adevs are almost a perfect match.  The PPS adevs diverge a little bit below tau=30.

Z3801A bogo-adevs are within a factor of 2 of the true adevs, but Heather can only fetch the receiver TINTerval values every 10 seconds so Z3801A derived bogo-adves have a minimum tau of 10 seconds.


>  Any idea when the next release will be out?

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