[time-nuts] ADEV query Timelab and TICC

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sun Mar 19 18:00:04 EDT 2017

> I've seen similar with my TICC when observing a PPS - can't remember
> whether the PPS was from the Thunderbolt or LTE Lite.
> There was a distinct glitch on the frequency plot when it happened and it
> was pretty easy in timelab to expand the trace around the glitch to take a
> better look.

Orin -- Thanks for that report. If you still have the TIM file, can you send it to me?

Everyone -- If you do see any anomalies with the new TICC please let me know, on- or off-list. A copy of the TIM file (if you use TimeLab) would be useful to me. Or if you're just logging the raw ascii output that's fine too. Once we collect enough examples we can update the user manual, or FAQ or even the firmware.

Anytime you work with an instrument that can measure down to 60 ps (single-shot) or down to 1 ps (with sufficient over-sampling or averaging) you may see things you normally don't see. This includes walking, closing doors, sneezing, touching cables or connectors. HVAC, FedEx trucks, sunlight, kids, pets, wife are also known to affect measurements at the ps level.

I'm currently running a TICC in TI (Time Interval) mode, in parallel with a hp 53132 counter in TI mode, in parallel with a TimePod. So it's really easy to see when one or the other or both have an issue. For use as a headless time interval counter, John's TICC is living up to its goal of an inexpensive alternative to a 53131A/53132A.


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