[time-nuts] time-nuts equipment verification from scratch (was: WTB: GPSDO)

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 20 16:14:52 EDT 2017

I did it for $25...  $7 for the GPS+antenna module,  $3 for an  Arduino chip on a PCB with proto area from China (should have bought a lot more when they were available),    $10 for a small ovenized 5V TTL output OCXO (also should have bought a lot more),  and $5 for misc parts (OK, beer money not included in the BOM).   Batteries not needed, powered off USB.   It worked better than I expected... not Tbolt quality, but not too shabby for a thee-day weekend hack.     $50 (and a lot of work)  is certainly doable for a decent home-brew GPSDO.


> 50$ for a complete GPSDO, batteries included, is quite a low price limit.

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