[time-nuts] WTB: GPSDO

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 20 18:23:01 EDT 2017

On 3/20/17 2:26 PM, Mark Spencer wrote:
> Hi:
> Bob's comment about adjusting an oscillator from time to time aligns well with my limited experience in the time nuts hobby.    Once I realized that in practice my better OCXO's were typically more than stable enough for my intended uses things became much simpler.   I also realized that I could utilize my collection of time interval counters to compare my chosen reference to other references (including a GPSDO) while also comparing the chosen reference to the "Device Under Test."  I realize this isn't likely an approach that a commercial lab would use but for my hobby use it seems to work ok for me.
> I've more or less shelved my plans to discipline one of my high end OCXO's via a home brew GPSDO scheme.

You already have a home brew GPSDO.. YOU are the control loop and the 
screwdriver is the actuator.<grin>

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