[time-nuts] Time Dilation tinkering

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Wed Mar 22 02:31:27 EDT 2017


My profound thanks to Tom, Bob, Chris, Attila, Scott, Jim, Hal and 
Michael for such thorough and thoughtful replies to my initial post.

I'm fortunate enough to know some of the local amateur high altitude 
balloon crowd and had contemplated such an endeavour but note this 
wouldn't be feasible due to the pressure and temperature sensitivities 
of the Rb sources.

I had also thought the weight limitations might be a factor - an ardunio 
and a battery one thing to slow if things go wrong, a Rb clock and other 
bits a whole nother can of worms :)

I will still pick up one of the surplus Rb units and tinker with it, my 
GPSDO and my TAPR TICC that arrived the other day.

Slightly more pedestrian (but equally fun :) construction projects ahead 
I'm sure - keeping things stable in my garage in an Australian summer 
may yet prove challenge enough ;)

Thanks again

vy 73

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