[time-nuts] Time Dilation tinkering

MLewis mlewis000 at rogers.com
Thu Mar 23 00:06:47 EDT 2017

Rather than commercial passenger flights, it used to be one could get 
connections and fly along on transport, ferry or private flights, 
typically for a (no-frills) low fee.

There are also flights made for testing equipment at altitude, including 
radio, satellite, imaging or other sensing equipment. Rather than hiring 
such, if it could be demonstrated that your experiment wouldn't 
interfere with their test/survey/experiment instruments, you may find 
someone sympathetic to letting you tag along. Local universities may 
know of sympathetic companies or pilots. Or check with local flying 
instructors or inspectors, who seem to know everything that's going on.
(A friend once had to accompany an imaging package on a Lear Jet. With 
three hours rented and his tests completed in one, he got to sit at the 
controls and buzz around the north until they had to return.)

The above would not only let you bring your powered experiment package 
along to altitude, but not create a panic when commercial passengers or 
cabin crew saw blinking lights or some such. And imagine if you're seen 
hooking up a cable to a device and collecting data into a laptop... And 
you could even be in trouble if seen doing anything with numbers that 
wasn't obviously accounting.

On 22/03/2017 10:59 PM, Bob Bownes wrote:
> It's not getting one past the airport authorities that's the issue. It's getting one that's powered up past them. ;)
> Written from about 10,000'. :)

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