[time-nuts] Datum GPS Receiver 9390-5537 found

Yuri Ostry yuri at ostry.ru
Fri Mar 24 14:22:29 EDT 2017


Friday, March 24, 2017, 19:09:14, Heinz Breuer wrote:

H> Google directed me to website in Russia for a download but a
H> window popped up asking me to enter my phone number. This was
H> suspicious and I left immediately.

Usually it may be translated as "some server in .ru domain located
on a abuse-tolerant hosting somewhere in South Korea or Ukraine". ;)

I was unable to find that on Google, but there is little chances that
they really have something. Usually such websites "expose" a lots of
keywords to search machines just to get some hits and "feed" visitors
with a pile of spam and links to porn and online gambling sites.
Sometimes even worse, like planting worms as "free fast downloaders"
or something similar.

If there was really something promising - email me a link, I'll look
there (cautiously). ;)


Best regards,
 Yuri                          mailto:yuri at ostry.ru

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