[time-nuts] HP5061B Ion Current

Donald E. Pauly trojancowboy at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 15:34:55 EDT 2017


I posted another HP cesium beam tube patent at
http://gonascent.com/papers/hp/hp5061/US3387130.pdf .  It covers the
formation of the cesium beam and should be of interest.  We now have
over a month of operation on our first HP5061B at ion currents over 50
μA with no lock problems.  The uon pump voltage is 2,338 V at that

We are still working for lock on our second HP5061B.  Both of the HV
power supplies had to be repaired and other problems remain.  Anyone
having supposedly unusable beam tubes with high ion current should
contact me at trojancowboy at gmail .com.


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