[time-nuts] HP 3048A Phase Noise System needs a new home

Dan Rae danrae at verizon.net
Mon May 1 19:14:39 EDT 2017

Basic system comprising:

3561A Analyzer

11848A Interface

11729C Carrier Noise Test Set with all extras to 18GHz

Bunch of HPIB and Coax cables as needed and pretty much all the paper 
manuals, several shelf feet.  An -hp- 2225A hpib printer which I 
couldn't get to work in the system as I had it but should work in an RM 
basic environment.

No computer included in this package.  I had it working well with an XP 
machine using the ported program on John Miles' web site and an NI 
interface card.


8662A Signal generator with Opt 003 (Specified Phase Noise for 640 MHz 
Output).  Power supply has been re-capped.

3585A  Spectrum Analyzer to extend noise measurements up to 40 MHz from 

A second, spare, 3561A

I'm in the LA area in southern California and would prefer pickup.  I'm 
not really up to shipping the whole caboodle...

Offers and any questions: DIRECT PLEASE!



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