[time-nuts] Zyfer Nanosync 380

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed May 3 22:34:41 EDT 2017

I got in my Zyfer Nanosync 380 GPSDO off of Ebay and have it working with Lady Heather.  The documentation the Ed found is fairly decent.   The 700+ lines of code I added to Heather worked the first time (damn, I'm good ;-) )

It is a small (< 4x4x1") GPSDO that runs off of 12V (< 1A).   It was built around 2003 and has an 8 channel GPS receiver.  The receiver has the rollover issue and reports an invalid date (which Lady Heather fixes)

The oscillator is a single oven OCXO (they also make them with a TCXO and double oven OCXO)

It runs a bit hot... it is reporting a temperature of 50C.   It did a 1 hour survey then went into position hold mode.   If the location is off by over 300 meters from the stored position for around 20 minutes,  it automatically does a new survey.  You can manually input your position.  

You can control the PPS polarity,  width (10 us, 20 us, or 1 ... 999 ms), and rate (1PPS or PP2S).  It has an antenna cable delay setting and a separate PPS offset command.

It speaks RS-232 at 19200,8,N,1.  The command language is ASCII in NMEA format.  It powers up mute and you have to command it to send data.

The antenna connector is SMB and the PPS and 10 MHz outputs are SMA.

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