[time-nuts] TAPR GPS Kit end plates

Steve - Home steve-krull at cox.net
Fri May 5 11:15:27 EDT 2017


The order list is now closed as I have to prepare for another international trip. I expect a final price quite today and will update everyone as soon as I get it. I will also place the order at that time. All plates will ship direct to the list member who will be doing the CNC machine work. He will send the blank plates on, do the machine work on the rest, and send them on. If you ordered blank and machined plates they'll come in one shipment. He will advise what that portion of the shipping cost will be and that needs to be paid directly to him.

I need mailing addresses for two purchasers - David S and Arne. Please send those as soon as possible.

The cost of the plates plus initial shipping should be paid to me. Payment by check or money order to:
Steve Krull
1313 N. Emporia Street
Wichita, KS 67214-2832

If you elect to pay by PayPal my account is steve-krull at cox.net and please be so kind as to add a little for the PayPal fees. I believe their latest fee structure is 2.9% + $.30. 



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