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Hi Paul, and thanks for the reply!  You might be hearing more from me than you want now, haha.  
I'm aware of the wwvb issue, assuming a costas loop or some other mod is very doable in either unit.  
Interesting on the manual, I really hate to spend $20 for the digital copy available on eBay before knowing what's up with this one, but sounds like I might not have a choice.  Right now my main question is regarding boards within that sealed off box in the right rear corner-- Only 3 or four of the 7 cards are present, hopefully it's just options this unit doesn't have but I do not know.  
The 117a amp.  Iirc, someone jacked it all up and broke one of two of the RF transformers, possibly amongst other things?  Those goofy pentode nuvistors are all shot too.  Been a while since I've looked at it.  
Is there any stark difference between these two u units, that you'd say one is just plain better than the other?  I have the active antenna for the 117a, so that's one problem solved if I am able to get that one running.  Naturally those nuvistors are shot too.

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ChrisI know the 207 well. I have one up and operating just fine.Several items they do not tolerate the new WWVB bpsk signal at all the same for your 117. Though the 117 at least seem to do semi ok. Amazingly, it really should not.I just had to re-cap all the small electrolytics all of them were seriously off and low in value. Thats after many years of service. For me 10 years and since its 1970s technology some place else. The caps really were not a huge cost but a lot of work to change them.The 207 actually is a better receiver then the 117 so its worth it.I also replaced the fried audio amp with a modern chip design and disabled the phase accumulator. It will drive you nuts with the click.
Bad news on the manual though I have one and it really can not be copied. Its whats called a blue line the prints are large and multi page in size. Still smells like ammonia. Its becoming very delicate with age.
On all of my wwvb receivers I use cheatn d-psk-r to get rid of the bpsk and that allows them to work like they used to.
On the 117 whats up with the rf stage? I just had to re-tube and recap mine. Cathode bypass. Wasn't that hard. There is a guy near boston that has really good NOS and at reasonable prices. Not sure if some one hacked your unit or perhaps lightning. But the TRF is rock solid with great gain. HP nice.
Good luckPaulWB8TSL
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Hi all, stupid Yahoo apparently caused me to be bounced from the list, glad to be back in.

Just picked up a Fluke 207 (no suffix?) VLF receiver/comparator, and would like to do some reading on it before putting any time or money into a rebuild.  From my recent 332B overhaul, every single electrolytic in this thing will be replaced if it's going to see active duty again.  I suspect it may possibly be a better unit than my HP 117A, which has a really messed up amplifier requiring replacement or a parts donor.  There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info about this 207 online, hoping perhaps someone has a digital copy of the manual which could be emailed?  This one is also missing the top and bottom covers, if anybody happens to have a parts set!

Regards, Chris 

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