[time-nuts] Datum FTS-4065A Cesium Standard - Software Bug

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Tue May 9 21:33:54 EDT 2017

I just ran across an amusing bug in the system that runs the front panel 
display on my FTS-4065A Cesium Standard.

You can enter the date and time and then have a display of 
day:hour:minute:second on the screen.  But it wouldn't accept the year.  
I discovered that you can't enter a year later than '16'. Okay, so what 
happens on Dec. 31, 2016 when the date rolls over? Why, the program 
crashes, of course!  It only affects the display and a push of the reset 
button quickly restores sanity.  As a work-around, I back-dated the 
setting to 2006 which is the latest year that has the same calendar as 2017.

Ah, the joys of running old equipment! :)


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