[time-nuts] Looking for a HP-58503 display

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Tue May 9 23:46:55 EDT 2017

Mark -

Keysight MAY have that spare VFD still in stock (German office supposedly had a few).
Several HP-34401A DVM owners have used that Chinese source for replacement.
The display model being sold appears to be: SAMSUNG SSVD INB-12MM52T

Good luck !


> I looked closely at the display and can see unused annunciators for frequency, us, period, etc.
> So the display is the same as used in at least one of their frequency counters.  
> The display is a 12 character 14-segment display.   
> There is a possibility that a HP-34401A display might work.   
> Those are available from China for around $50.
> - Mark

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