[time-nuts] Looking for a HP-58503 display

swperk at earthlink.net swperk at earthlink.net
Wed May 10 01:06:52 EDT 2017

It's the exact same display module as in the 53131A/53132A. It's a Samsung INB-12MM53T, Keysight part number 5040-0023. The VFD part itself is an Itron CC1187G. 

I've also found a possible part number for the VFD as an Itron CP3033A (although that might be the VFD for the 34401A, which would not be compatible with the 58503A).

A brief search doesn't turn up any sources for the VFD, much less the entire module. 

Alternatively, if you found a 53131A or 53132A with a bright display at a reasonable price, it could be used as a parts donor. 


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