[time-nuts] Anyone using UBLOX LEA-M8F for GPSDO?

Neil Smith G4DBN neil at g4dbn.uk
Wed May 10 16:03:26 EDT 2017

I’ve just ordered an LEA-M8F board from CSG to save time and trouble making a PCB. I am intending to use it to discipline one of my 100MHz OCXOs, using a /5 divider.  Has anyone on the list used this chip to discipline an external OCXO? Any experiences to share and suggestions to get best performance?  I have two 100MHz OCXOs, one is locked to a G3RUH 10MHz GPSDO, the other to an Rb source.  I use them to lock local oscillators for SHF transverters. I’ll be using this when out in the field with SHF sources up to 241GHz, so I don’t have to move the Rb source around.

No particular reason for choosing the LEA-M8F other than it looks interesting to play with. Actually, who needs a better reason!

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