[time-nuts] HP10811 Oscillator Thermal Fuse

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While I find traces of your article quoted, it seems to have vanished.
It lead me to this interesting article of 16 pages on electronic fires
by a fire investigator.  There is a lot here for designers when it
comes to preventing fires from your products.  I would never have
dreamed of some of the ways that fires can start.



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There's an excellent article out there on the web called "Low Voltage,
the incompetent ignition source"  I highly recommend a read.
I dealt with a case like this a couple years ago.  Failed fet in an H
bridge caused a fault which the brick SMPS picked up as a short, and
went into "hiccup" mode on.
The energy delivered in "hiccup" mode was about 1W average, and that
was enough, after several hours, to cause ignition and sustained flame
on the PCB.

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