[time-nuts] time-nuts mailing list moderation STATUS

Tom Van Baak tvb at LeapSecond.com
Sat May 13 04:17:22 EDT 2017

FYI -- you may have noticed earlier this week we turned off time-nuts list 'moderation' (since I'm out of town and off-grid for a while). So all postings now go straight to the membership without screening or delay[*]. You may see an increase in the number of postings per day as a result. Deal with it. There may also be more posting accidents: ISP or html mix-ups, private email sent to a public list, off-topic postings, admin questions, etc. Not to worry.

As always, good on-topic questions are always welcome, especially from newcomers. The list works best when replies are based on someone's solid education, deep experience, or actual experimentation. The list breaks down when threads go off-topic or drag on forever, or when time-nuts sounds like 'social media', or when the sheer volume of postings pushes people away. Please do you part to keep the S/N very high.

List administrative questions or comments can go to John (jra at febo.com), or Tom (tvb at leapsecond.com), directly.


postings with attachments over 1 MB are always reviewed (to prevent big mistakes), and
postings from new logins are held for review (to detect spam).

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