[time-nuts] Regarding the 00105-60xx (Bringing a 5065A back to life)

Ulf Kylenfall ulf_r_k at yahoo.com
Sun May 14 12:43:30 EDT 2017

  What I wanted to know was the differences (specs) betweensome of the 00105 oscillator modules in order tomount the best one in the 5065A which I am trying tobring back to life.
I have a bunch of 10811assy:s and thereare differences in drift, phase noise, etc. Thecoarse frequency adjustment hole does not havethe same coordinates as the 00105 so I will not fitany of these.
Fortunately I have an excellent printed copyof the 5065A manual with all schematics and so on.The manual is printed 1971.
(I found some newer manuals where HP appearentlyhad made some modernisation of modules, replacingregenerative dividers with TTL versions, changedOP-amps into modern versions and so on, but the one at Keysight.com is not readable.)
Otherwise, replacing obsolete components withmodern available ones would be another thing to do.
Digging into the junk bin I found HP original 5065 extender boardsso that I will be able to check the PCB's once the workstarts.
Ulf - SM6GXV

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