[time-nuts] GPS seconds conversion on an Arduino

Ben Hall kd5byb at gmail.com
Mon May 15 16:49:35 EDT 2017

Hi Chris and list,

On 5/15/2017 1:22 AM, Chris Albertson wrote:
> Are you still going for Sidereal time?  If so that is floating point

I'm not sure how Sidereal time came up...it wasn't one of my goals and 
after reading the discussion, it's going to be way past what I think I 
can understand, never mind program onto *anything*.  ;)

> This is my favorite under $2 boards now - http://r.ebay.com/9UasSq

That blows my mind!  $1.62 shipped.  Amazing!  I read what you wrote on 
different boards and I've got a lot of poking around and reading to do. 
The idea of dropping a file onto a USB-looking drive is very appealing 
to me.  And they seem to be very cheap.  To be honest, being more 
towards the "idiot" end of the embedded programming spectrum, I'm really 
thinking I should stay with slower, simpler, and more well documented 
stuff.  If I knew what I was doing...I'd probably be ordering up some of 
cheaper, more off-the-beaten-path stuff that's way less expensive.

> One more bit of advice.  Buy a logic analyzer.   I was using one today and

I've been on the lookout for a dedicated bench one at a good price...but 
nothing has tickled my fancy.  I'm going to order one of those $10 
Saleae clones this evening.  That Saleae clone analyzer would be just 
the ticket to see if the time information is coming from the serial port 
before the 1PPS tick.  This is what is written in the little 
TruePosition information we have and would be nice to verify.  :)

Thanks much and 73,
ben, kd5byb

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