[time-nuts] TruePosition GPS Receiver firmware

Tom Miller tmiller11147 at verizon.net
Thu May 18 19:08:24 EDT 2017

Maybe I have a problem unit but I measured the supply to the antenna at 3.7 
volts. I have a 5 volt antenna and it still receives sats at the lower 
voltage. Anyone else check this supply?  I wonder if it is a settable 


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> Cool. Should be interesting to see what you find. I've been hacking at the 
> VxWorks side of things, off an on,
> but have been distracted by this #wannacry business among other things. 
> That TL866 is certainly a good value,
> and it seems to work well.
> Looking forward to hearing what you turn up. I'll keep poking at VxWorks 
> in the mean time.
> On 05/17/2017 08:46 PM, Mark Sims wrote:
>> I got in a TL866A programmer with the complete adapter set,   pulled the 
>> flash chip from my dead TruePosition, and dumped the chip.   Success 
>> first time!   Now to go through the ROM dump and see what hidden goodies 
>> there are.
>> A quick look seems to show commands for setting  Kalman filter parameters 
>> and antenna (?) attenuation. Also a GAIN command (maybe EFC gain or 
>> antenna gain).  There seems to lots of debug modes in it.

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