[time-nuts] Machining some aluminum help!

Chris Albertson albertson.chris at gmail.com
Thu May 18 19:48:05 EDT 2017

So the goal is not to attach end plates, that is the solution. The real
goal is a sealed container that can be re-opened.    I suggest a trip to
the plumbing supply store.    Why not just use screw-on end caps

It you need it sealed 4-40 screw are not able to provide any reasonable
clamping force.   The weak link is the aluminum threads.  You need enough
force to deform the gasket material and those little screws are not going
to do it.

If you need a gas tight chamber, look at plumbing parts.  They make
screw-on end caps with both make and female threads.

There is also a system for brazing alumni that work almost as well as
celiac welding and you can do it with a propane lumber's torch.   They sell
the rods at Harbor Freight.

Why not post a specification (enclose with x,y,z inside dimension,
water/gas tight/ ends on one end,....) and ask people for ideas on the
lowest cost way to make that using simple tools.

There are SO MANY solutions, one is double sided, coper clad PCB material.
You can cut it with a wood saw and then solder the panels together to make
a box.   I find that I can solder brass screws to copy PCB material and
make thread posts or studs.

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> Why are my eyes watering?
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> >  I had
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