[time-nuts] gLAB PPP noisy clock residuals

Ole Petter Ronningen opronningen at gmail.com
Wed May 24 02:41:11 EDT 2017

> I did a comparison of a few PPP results some years ago, maybe you saw it
> already
> http://www.anderswallin.net/2013/12/comparing-gps-ppp-solutions/

Ah, yes I forgot about that! Nice, I'll revisit RTKlib again.

> For the web-service running NrCAN, there was an URL API that allows running
> the filter/algorithm forward and backward ("filtfilt" in matlab or numpy),
> to get rid of the initial transient in only the forward solution. You could
> ask the maintainers, or I can try to dig in my archives (I should have
> python code that submits RINEX to the service and retrieves the results).

 That could be an option, I will contact the maintainers.

if you dig in the ESA gLAB settings, can you set the ZTD-model identically
> and see what happens?

I will investigate the  TZD-model, thanks for the tip. I was trying to wrap
my head around differential code biases; It seems NrCAN PPP applies
corrections, but I believe gLAB does not by default (and it crashes when I
give it -model:dcb:p1c1 strict). Not sure if DCB would show up as an issue
at the level I am looking at now, though.

If you post your RINEX:es and other relevant data I can try processing also
> and see what I get.

Appreciate the offer! :) Link to a recent RINEX that gives a reasonable
result from NRcan PPP:


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