[time-nuts] Anyone still running a Soekris net45XX for NTP?

awake awake at 0324am.net
Fri May 26 13:13:05 EDT 2017


It looks like you have a good chance to get Openwrt running on it. 
A quick search shows that versions up to 12.09 supported for sure. My
bet is the newest 15.05 for x86 will also run just fine. Presuming your
box is using a CF card, you can just dd the image onto it and try
booting. I'd use the generic combined ext4 version from:


Good luck :)


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> Subject: [time-nuts] Anyone still running a Soekris net45XX for NTP?

> I've come up with a couple of old net4521 boards, and I'm looking for
> advice on what OS to run. They're 486 class CPUs, so I doubt anything
> recent will run. If you've still got one running, please let me what
> OS and release you're on.
> Thanks!
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