[time-nuts] GPS Kit Plates

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Sat May 27 17:04:36 EDT 2017

Steve and Jerry -

Thank you for coordinating the acquisition and machining of these End Panels for the TAPR GPS Experimenters Kit.  I understand these kits (SynPaQ/E version XTS) are EXHAUSTED at TAPR.  Check the TAPR web site for details.

The End Panels arrived from Jerry this afternoon (Saturday, USPS Priority).
They were well packed and I found no oil on my end panels.

The VCC lens cap and 
Retaining ring (Mouser) for Front Panel LEDs fit perfectly.

The TAPR kit does not include the "jack screws" for the DE-9 connector.
I had these in my parts drawer, Jameco part number: 16548 (75 cents/set).

The kit Looks Great (like new).  Now to build the Adapter Cable this weekend.

greg, w9gb

> Subject: [time-nuts] GPS Kit Plates
> Hello again, fellow curmudgeons,
> I sent out more shipping notices this morning and plan to hit the PO in about 5 hours.
> When you receive your plates and prior to mounting, please clean them with soap and > water or even windex or simple green.  I cleaned the machine oil off to the limit of my > patience but there might be a little left.  I’ve not seen any interaction between the  
> machine oil, windex, etc with the coating.
> Regards,
> Jerry

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