[time-nuts] Fwd: HP5061B Versus HP5071 Cesium Line Frequencies

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The Greek letters are my pallet for common electronic letters.  I
transposed two items in my last post and here they are corrected.
Note that the √(frequency error)=ratio of Zeeman frequencies as well
as ratio of C fields.

model/freq error cps/Zeeman freq kc/C field/(milliGauss)

5061A 1.59 42.82 61 mG
5061B 2.50 53.53 76 mG
5062C 4.30 70.40 (100 mG?)

I am investigating the total redesign of the HP5061B lock system for
vastly improved performance.  It looks like the performance of the
HP5071A can be beaten by 10 to 1 for averaging times on the order of a
few seconds.


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I'm enjoying many of your 5061 posts the past few months. Fun isn't
is? Thanks for taking the time sharing them with the group.


> πθ°μΩω±√·Γλ

What's that Greek mean (70 3F B0 B5 4F 3F B1 76 B7 47 3F)?

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