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GR made several coaxial connector series: the obvious 874, the 8.5 GHz  
very low residual VSWR GR-900 (IIRC 14 mm bore) and the GPC-7 (7 mm bore)  18 
GHz precision connector, a very rare precursor to the APC-7 with a 1/4 turn  
locking collar, only place I saw it was in the HP 1965 catalog, brief 
lifetime.  I have a few in my collection of MW history stuff.
GR was the cats meow for a long time. I have a pile of the 900 & 874  
stuff, just because I like it. The AIL hot/cold load that uses 900 is still  
worthwhile.  I guess they can bury all this stuff with me, like King Tuts  
Jeff Kruth
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The GenRad 874 connector was  good to 4.5 Ghz  and took a Banana plug in 
the center conductor without  changing electrical  characteristics!!!


Not  bad for a connector designed in 1948!   

It was largely  supplanted by the APC-7 connector from Bunker-Ramo which 
was also a  hermaphrodite design but had a 18 Ghz frequency limit

Lots of Tek  calibrators used this connector due to its good impedance 
matching without  requiring obsessive connector maintenance as the APC-7 does 
(cleaning, gauging  and finger replacement)

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