[time-nuts] Lady Heather and Lucent RFTGm-II-XO / RFTGm-II-Rb

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Sun May 28 02:15:25 EDT 2017

I have Lady Heather working fairly well with the RFTGm's.    I used a serial port monitor program to capture the traffic in and out of the serial port and used the Lucent control program to set and read various parameters.  By analyzing the captured traffic and comparing the results to what the Lucent program was reporting / sending I worked out the protocol and message formats.

The one message that I have problems with is the one that reports the EFC DAC voltage and temperature.  The message appears to be reporting the DAC value and temperature as a 16 bit integer.   Scaling that to actual values could be a problem.  The DAC is not that big a deal... I scale it to a 0-100% value... no real need to be concerned with the actual voltage.  The temperature value will require a lot of work.  It has an 8 bit granularity and seldom changes more than one step.

One annoying thing about the RFTGm's is that they don't report satellite positions (just signal levels)... so no nice antenna survey maps are possible.

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