[time-nuts] "For parts" Brandywine GPS-4 on Ebay.

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed May 31 22:48:11 EDT 2017

If somebody on the list bought that "for parts" Brandywine GPS-4 off of Ebay,  I can tell you it has something wrong in the oscillator or EFC circuit.  It reports an OCXO failure alarm and DAC voltage at the lower limit.

The oscillator is unmarked.   It is around 2"x2"x1.25"  I believe it has a positive EFC slope, but don't know the EFC range.

Also, it shipped with a 15V supply and a 12-15VDC notation penciled on the lid.  When I opened it up, it was clearly a 18-36V unit (marked on the DC-DC converters),  but seemed happy at 15V.

I bought it when it was listed as "good".   The seller was very professional about making the return and refunding my payment.

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