[time-nuts] Holdover, RTC for Pi as NTP GPS source

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 1 11:55:34 EDT 2017

I have an analytical balance that reads down to micrograms.   The weigh chamber is surrounded by three layers of IR absorbing glass so that radiated body heat does not induce convection currents in the air.   I worked on a balance that had nanogram resolution (mostly wishful thinking in that spec).  It operated in a vacuum.  30 bit mass-to-digital converters are rather finicky beasties.

It does not take all that good of a temperature sensor to detect changes in room temperature due to body heat (or fetching a beer from the fridge in the next room).  You are basically a 100 watt space heater... even larger for the more corpulent folks.   


> Surely he'd want to be in an isolating suit to avoid introducing a nasty
warm body into his nice stable cave ?

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