[time-nuts] Favorite counters (current production)?

Anders Wallin anders.e.e.wallin at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 02:31:50 EST 2017

The CNT-90/91 an 53230 both have graphical presentation, which is very
> beneficial. The SR-620 still have better performance even being older than
> everything else.

Magnus can you elaborate on the SR-620 performance?
In my hands the 53230A with a spec of 20ps single-shot does about 11-13 ps
RMS for a 1PPS TI-measurement between CH1 and CH2 - so in theory a single
channel is 1/sqrt(2) better than that.
In what measurements would an SR-620 be better?

The 53230A does have a design-flaw where one of the input BNCs has a very
narrow PCB-trace which tends to break. I think I've fixed 2 or 3 counters
with that same fault.


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