[time-nuts] Wenzel VHF PLO Oscillators Off Frequency

Mark Goldberg marklgoldberg at gmail.com
Sun Nov 12 10:41:27 EST 2017

I have obtained a couple 80 MHz Wenzel Oscillators P/N 500-16423A. They are
proprietary but similar to the VHF PLO and 501-14057 Oscillators. I want to
use this to replace the internal oscillator in my Perseus SDR, for better
accuracy and maybe better phase noise. Both of these are way off in
frequency, about 4-5 kHz high from the ideal 80 MHz, and drift around
hundreds of Hz. I believe they are broken in some way. The PLL lock signal
toggles when I put an input into the 10 MHz reference, but the output
frequency is not affected.

Wenzel has answered some of my questions, but can't get specific as these
are proprietary to a customer.

Any experts on these oscillators out there?



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