[time-nuts] Newbie to Time Nuts; Seeking wisdom, re Hydrogen MASER applications

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Nov 13 06:12:06 EST 2017

michael.cook at sfr.fr said:
>>> prior to my senior project most geodetic surveyors  used a Wooden boxed,
>>> marine chronometer, to get sub second UT1 time, or  back then, GMT

>> How did you get the data out of the wooden box?

>   I have a couple of marine chronometers that have electrical contacts
> closing once a second. This signal is relayed by wires to terminals on the
> outside of the box. 

That gets you seconds if you count them.  How do you get sub seconds?  Just 
count time since the PPS using a normal crystal and it will be good enough?

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