[time-nuts] Input filter for data logger

Vlad time at patoka.org
Sun Nov 19 22:28:38 EST 2017

>>> 26.5837255
>>> 26.23559295
>>> 26.5941842
>>> However, it is some "spikes" in the data flow (see above the number
>>> "26.23559295", which suppose to be something as "26.58..."). I can't
>>> understand the reason for that.
>> That's a software problem for sure. Do you use interrupts? Or some
>> library code for formatting and output?

I think I found the problem and the solution (partially).
Since I am using capture interrupt which change the value 
"on-the-flight" - its appeared that some capture event could happen when 
USART doing its work (printing).
So, I put the "lock" there. If USART is already printing, then the 
interrupt routine will not change the value. It seems its helps to some 
degree. At least I have normal data flow. No strange numbers any more.
However it make me think that I definitely loosing something, when USART 
is busy to print.



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