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Dana Whitlow k8yumdoober at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 18:59:29 EST 2017

For the most part the SRS-10 is a nice choice, although I'd always be wary
of buying a
used one.

My only real beefs are that the tuning granularity is rather coarse, about
2E-12, and the
disciplining loop seems to be a bit aggressive so that the poor oscillator
gets jerked
around quite a bit by the GPS.  This makes for rather ugly-looking plots of
time error
over time.

The above comments are derived from about 3 years of operating one as a hot
emergency spare at the Arecibo Observatory against the day when the H-maser
crashed abruptly.  In this case the SRS-10 was embedded in an FS725 which we
bought new.


On Wed, Nov 22, 2017 at 4:16 PM, Jerry Hancock <jerry at hanler.com> wrote:

> Three questions:
> 1) Now that I’ve split my Lucent RFTG-U into a REF0 and REF1 unit with
> both supplying 10Mhz and 1PPS, is there a way to combine the outputs or
> some other technique to improve the short and/or long term performance?
> 2) I’ve become interested in Rubidium Disciplined Oscillators recently and
> was now thinking of purchasing one of the PRS-10 that I see on Ebay. If I
> did that and replaced one of the DOCXOs from one of the Lucent boxes, what
> impact would this have on the overall performance both with and without
> (when in hold-over)?  Basically, is it worth the money to upgrade one of
> the boxes to a Rubidium disciplined oscillator assuming the GPS signal is
> rarely lost?
> 3) Figuring the PRS-10 will cost around $250 when all is said and done, is
> there a better option to improve my GPSDO system?
> I basically use the GPSDO as a reference for any equipment that takes an
> input. I have no monetary need for a reference, just an interest.
> Thanks.
> Jerry
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