[time-nuts] 53230A weirdness

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Nov 24 08:45:58 EST 2017


Is this part of the behavior that the Norwegian NMI was presenting at a 
poster session at EFTF 2016 in York?

I remember they borrowed your 53230A for that work.


On 11/23/2017 09:05 PM, Ole Petter Ronningen wrote:
> Hi, all
> I've done some experiments on my 53230A, and I've come across an issue I
> think could be worth knowing about.
> I have not tested this on other 53230A's - if anyone has a 53230A and some
> spare time, I'd be grateful if someone could try to replicate.
> In a nutshell, the first frequency measurement following an INIT is biased.
> The magnitude of the bias is dependant on measurement mode (CONT/RCON), and
> gate time.
> It is worth noting that every READ implicitly calls INIT - so any software
> collecting a time series using repeated calls to READ to fetch single
> readings will give biased results. Not for the first sample in the series,
> but all of them.
> As an example, the last time series I collected this way using RCON and
> 0.1s gatetime gave an average frequency error of -5.2e-10.
> A writeup is here: http://www.efos3.com/HPAK53230A-1.html
> Best regards,
> Ole
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